Helping Ourselves to Transform

Case overview

Helping Ourselves to Transform (HOTT) is a grassroots organization dedicated to social justice and civic engagement. Their focus is on rectifying inequalities and injustices across various domains, like race, gender, income, religion, education, and the environment. Their purpose is to create a more equitable society.

The Brief

HOTT needed to bring awareness to the challenges in both making a case and advocating for formerly incarcerated individuals, and they knew that a new website would serve as a powerful tool to achieve this goal. With the ability to share stories, bring light to flaws within the criminal justice system, and provide resources, the website solution would help the organization reach a larger audience and engage with its target demographic in a more meaningful way. Additionally, the proposed revised website would help establish credibility, build trust, and attract potential supporters and partners who share the organization’s vision and values.

Our Approach

The website solution that was developed for the Helping Ourselves to Transform (HOTT) nonprofit organization was designed with the aim of increasing page views, driving traffic, reducing bounce rates, improving engagement and visibility, and bringing awareness to their causes. Below is a detailed explanation of how each of these objectives was achieved:

Increasing Page Views:

The website was designed to be visually appealing and easy to navigate. The layout was optimized for desktop and mobile devices to ensure that users could easily access the content regardless of the device they were using. The website was also optimized for search engines, making it easier for users to find the website through search engines. The website’s content was updated regularly with relevant information and resources for not only the formerly incarcerated peoples who require their services, but supporters, volunteers and donors to the organization.

Driving Traffic:

Various marketing strategies were implemented like social media platforms, email marketing, and online advertising campaigns. These tools were successfully used to promote the website and its resources. The website was also optimized for search engines, making it easier for users to find the website through search engines.

Reducing Bounce Rates:

We developed the website to be user-friendly and engaging. Content was organized into easily digestible sections with clear headings and subheadings. Navigation was intuitive and easy to use, which encouraged users to explore the website further. Loading speed was optimized to reduce the waiting time for users.

Improving Engagement and Visibility:

We took careful time and attention to design the site to be interactive and engaging. The content was designed to be easily shareable on social media platforms, which encouraged users to share the website’s content with their networks. We included a blog section that provided users with valuable insights and resources related to HOTT’s causes.

Bringing Awareness to the Challenges of Advocating For This Cause:

The site’s content was tailored to address the deficiencies in post-incarceration support, which numerous studies have linked to recidivism. By showcasing and bringing attention to resources and information that not only help their target group, but bring awareness to the voting public and lawmakers so that real policy change can positively affect the community at large.

The Results

Overall, the website solution developed for Helping Ourselves to Transform was successful in achieving its objectives. The website’s user-friendly design, engaging content, and effective marketing strategies helped to increase page views, drive traffic, reduce bounce rates, improve engagement and visibility, and bring awareness to this important cause.

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